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Mission Statement

To provide reliable SUPERB services to our customers, clients, families and independent contractors at the highest level without compromising integrity and trust.


Trust, Integrity, Empathy, Compassion, Communication

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World Autism awareness day as a mental health concept and Autistic social developmental ed


Our History

Professional Talent Healthcare, LLC is also focused on Talent Management and has built a robust relationship with both non-profit and for-profit organizations. The central focus for over 17 years, is not only to place professionals with various clients, but also to ensure that we place experience and skillful people who are passionate about the service they provide.

We continue to work with qualified professionals and Recruiters to recruit and source for various industries such as hospitals, clinics, scientific industries, non-public and public schools, nursing homes facilities, and DDA organizations that offers services to children and adults that have autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We continue to see the need to assist organizations attract and identify high quality talents and that is the reason we tirelessly and unrelentingly go the extra mile to learn the skills and techniques that are required in order to recruit and fill hard to fill roles while still focusing on delivering quality candidates. The agency was created specifically to meet the demanding needs of clients that are desperate in finding quality professionals that truly cares.

 As a team, we are compassionate and optimistic about creating long-lasting relationships with clients and contractors in the following areas: healthcare, social and human service organizations; state and local government funded agencies, and the MSDE and DDA population.


We are determined to meet your exact needs.

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